belfebe (belfebe) wrote,

Universal Pants

One of the advantages of driving to ballistabob's folks this weekend, was the fact that I got to spend several hours in the car. This, in turn, translated into my being able to do some sewing.

Originally, I had planned on cutting all the cloth-stuffed buttons for the breeches (aka Universal Pants) and doublet, and get them all done in the car. Regrettably, I did not have the time to trace the little suckers, and I ended up just tossing the pieces of the venetians in the car, along with my sewing kit.

Believe me, I had not intended to hand-stitch this outfit.


However, being as it was that I had nothing better to do during the drive, that's exactly what I did.

They look great.

There is something to be said for hand-stitching. True, at first glance, people will not be able to tell whether your garment was machine or hand-stitched. Nevertheless, and although hand-stitching takes a little longer, the way a garment looks makes it all worth it. For one thing, there are corners in your garment that you cannot effectively reach with a sewing machine, but that come up so very neat with a needle and thread.

Of course, once I was done, I realized to my horror that I had pleated the pants into the band the wrong way. By this I mean that said pleats were facing into the fly, as opposed to away from the fly. It may sound silly but, even if those pleats would have not been visible to the naked eye under the doublet tabs, the venetians did not feel that comfortable.

Hence, I spent several hours last night picking apart the seams and turning the pleats the right way. I am happy to announce that the Universal Pants fit beautifully.

And speaking of the Universal Pants, I have also realized that the pattern I made for myself and rheabecc has a couple of flaws. For one thing it is too long and the narrow part of the canions is not narrow enough. I have corrected mine but I still need to correct rheabecc's. (rheabecc, give me a call. I know how to fix your pattern.)

The good news is, the too long pattern will fit Carlos, who will need some venetians for Pennsic and who has been growing like a weed. (Must be the Purina I feed him.)

Yay me.

On the other hand, now I will have to hand-stitch the doublet because, what's the point of hand-stitching the venetians if I am not going to do the same for the doublet?

I just hope I can finish the sucker for Sapphire.

It will be really cool.
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