belfebe (belfebe) wrote,

Getting better . . . I think I'll go out for a walk . . .

Fencing practice happened last night. I wish I had made it earlier but, alas, with my commute it is virtually impossible for me to make it on time. That was true in 1997, and it is still true now.

But heck, better late than never.

I felt a lot better than last week, perhaps because I am not currently concentrating on whether I am winning a bout or not, but rather on keeping my distance while still being a threat to my opponent. In other words, my "B" range game. And of course, my game was looking better or, at least, it felt better.

Last night, I also came to the realization that I have reached the point in which I either bring my game up another notch, or quit altogether. Since I am too stubborn to quit, I guess that I should get my arse in gear and get serious about training.

Of course, it would be nice if I could make it to other practices on a regular basis. However, that is not currently practical, and I would have to sacrifice something else such as my relationship with my son or my A&S projects, so that is not an option. At least not for now.

Nevertheless, ballistabob has started working with me and I am thrilled. Ironically, he has taught many people -- me included -- but we have realized that there is seldom enough time left for him to teach me. We have reached a good accomodation and he will start concentrating on helping me with my game, and we will block some time at every practice. I am sure that this, coupled with concentrating more on my practice and on teaching other people, will help with my game.

Oh, and the gym. Don't forget the gym. That always help.

I am glad that we are working on this. ballistabob is a very patient trainer, and we are blessed with a very supportive group of fencers who are a pleasure to fight with and who like to help out too.

I love my sweetie, and I love my friends.

I am a happy belfebe.

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