belfebe (belfebe) wrote,

The Orange Fabric

Guess what? Yesterday, my book on the paintings of Giovanni Battista Moroni was waiting for me at home. This is a book that is out of print, and that I was desperately trying to get a hold of without having to pay $200.00 for a used copy. I was lucky enough that a reasonably priced used copy came through Amazon, and I snatched it right away.

While browsing through its pages, I came by this painting: Portrait of a Man and His Son. (If you cannot open that link, try this one.) I had totally forgotten that this painting existed, and you will notice the striped orange pants, and orangey doublet and hose. It is just perfect for my orange striped shot linen. And the best part is, I think I can wing it with 3.5 yards (or so I hope). A nifty jerkin in black wook would complement this little number.

(Yes Domynyk! Orange pants are period! Yay!)

Of course, if I can't get it from 3.5 yards, then I will go with Mathilde's suggestion of an earlier period dress, which would be tres cool too.

And now, back to the salt mines.
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