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Dancing with the Stars: Predictions

Finally! An DWTS entry! Woot!

I haven't been doing any posting on Dancing with the Stars, or at all, for that matters. I swear that work has been eating my brains. However, there is no reason that I can't post my handicap for the dancers that are left at this stage of the game.

That, and a little survey.

So here goes:

  • Maria and Derek: So far, my favorites. Which is weird because I was never a Derek fan. However, as time goes by, the boy does grow on me. I swear that he is a genious choreographer and an incredible teacher. If he danced with a broom, the broom would be in the finals. And Maria Menounos ain't no broom.

    They will make it to the finals because: They are awesome. Maria is in top shape, what with being a pro wrestler as well as a tv host. She can dance, has musicality, has charisma and, most importantly, can emote. Derek is incredibly original in his choroeography.

    They will *not* make it to the finals because: Len keeps underscoring them. Derek tends to break the rules for originality's sake. He's a love him or hate him dancer. She is injured and she could choke at the last minute.

  • Peta and Donald: Peta is also a genius teacher and choreographer who is coming to her own in this second season.

    They will make it to the finals because: They are consistently good and are building a solid fan base. He's very athletic and has the musicality and the stamina. They really want to win.

    They will *not* make it to the finals because: Although his lines are very clean, he does tend to hunch a little bit. Len won't give them a 10 if his life depended on him. How strong their fan base is, remains to be seen.

  • Katherine and Mark: She is soooo beautiful and talented!

    They will make it to the finals because: She is probably the most charismatic of all the current contestants. She is a natural dancer and can accomplish anything. Mark is an awesome choreographer. She is adorable. She is paired with Mark Ballas.

    They will *not* make it to the finals because: She has trouble conveying any emotion other than cheerfulness. This is great in the case of a samba, but not in a tango. There is something that not always balances between her and Mark, especially when he gets frantic. She is paired with Mark Ballas.

  • Melissa and Maks: I love them because they won't leave no matter how much the judges rig the system to get rid of the couples that are underperforming. Go M&M!

    They will make it to the finals because: They evidently have a fan base who will pull them through. She is paired with Maks and we all love Maks no matter how bad the producers make him look. The fans will take them all the way.

    They will *not make it to the finals because: They are not dancing that well. Melissa is probably the one dancer left that is struggling the most. Eventually the judges scores will bring them down.

  • Roshon and Chelsy: They've been holding on for dear life, after being in the bottom 3 times.

    They will make it to the finals because: Roshon has been improving every week and he and Chelsy are just too cute. The judges like them and have done everything they can to keep them on board.

    They will *not* make it to the finals because: They've been on the bottom three times. How many times can you go there and not go home?

  • William and Cheryl: Oh, William! We are all in love with your hotness and your Significant Stares (TM)!!!

    They will make it to the finals because: He's got musicality, can dance, and he's hot as hell. Cheryl really knows how to choreograph to his strengths.

    They will *not* make it to the finals because: He's sort of a hot and cold dancer. He does great in the latin dances (duh!), but not so great in the ones in which he has to emote. I mean, more than just significant stares. That could be his downfall.

    So who are you rooting for? (It can be more than one!)

    Poll #1839098 Who are you rooting for in DWTS?

    Who are you rooting for?

    Maria and Derek
    Katherine and Mark
    Melissa and Maks
    Roshon and Chelsy
    Donald and Peta
    William and Cheryl
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