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Fun times in Fortaleza and Brasilia

Two weeks ago, when I mentioned to my friends that I would be going for work to Brasilia, everyone told me, "Take plenty of pics!"

Well, the thing is that it rained every day and I couldn't take any decent pictures. However, since this was not my first trip to Brasilia, I will share with you my adventures and images from the first time around.

The story so far:

As luck would have it we had an 8 hour layover in the beach town of Fortaleza. So what do you do when you have 8 hours to kill before your next flight? Go to the beach of course! (It sure beats warming up your seat for most of the day in a dull, gray airport!)

So we headed off for sunny Playa Futuro.

Fortaleza, Brazil

It is a very colorful beach.

Fortaleza, Brazil

It opened rather early - on a work day - and folks were already sun bathing.

Fortaleza, Brazil -- Playa Futuro

I was jealous.

Fortaleza, Brazil -- Playa Futuro.  Random people.

And while the locals enjoyed the weather in their bathing suits...

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I looked a little silly in my jeans and sweater. (This is me, holding my hand luggage.)

But I got to sample the local fare, so everything was cool.

Fortaleza, Brazil -- Playa Futuro  -- Breakfast!

Yum, fresh fruit...

When we finally made it to Brasilia, we managed to see the television tower.

And what's so attractive about a television tower, you may ask?

Let's see...

Brasilia -- TV Tower.  One of the local attractions.

For one thing, you can climb it for a fantastic view. Not only through the glass platform, but the one that you can see about half way through.

Brasilia -- TV Tower.  One of the local attractions.

There is also a nice little market at the foot of the tower. They sell mostly folk stuff. I love it.The market at the bottom of the TV tower.  Stall.

There were also food stalls. This one was evidently a seafood stall. I loved the art.

Street vendor.  Pretty cool kid.

This young man was selling bubble soap. He was nice enough to allow me to take his picture.

I loves me some bubble soap. Makes me feel like a kid again.

View from TV Tower

Last but not least, this is a view from high up in the tower.

Brasilia. We have architecture!

If I go back, I plan to take more pictures.

Let's just hope it doesn't rain.
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