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Hi, I am Mac...

So yesterday I bought myself a new Mac Netbook Pro. I had been coveting one for years, and saving for it, so I finally went ahead and took the plunge.

Yes, I have another Mac. In 2009, after my trusty Toshiba died, I went on and bought an iMac. It was the base model, and it gave me the most bang for my buck as far as my budget at the time allowed. Especially since I needed some decent capabilities since the machine would be used for photo editing and website management.

Well, the good news is that the iMac gave me that and more. The bad news is that it being a desktop, I was forced to go downstairs and pretty much lock myself for hours if I wanted to do something with my photos or my website. Given that I pretty much run around the house all the time, and don't have the patience to stay in one place for hours, my productivity declined instead of going up.

Hence the Netbook.

Of course, once I got home with the Netbook I started fretting over the fact that now I had two machines with which I wanted to do pretty much the same thing. And as much as I adore the 21.5 monitor of the iMac, I suspected that it was going to spend more time gathering dust than doing anything else.

My heart sank with guilt.

I hate to waste good technology.

Enter Mac Recycling Program. Heck, I didn't even know it existed. However, once I got home, I got an email from them asking "Have you thought what to do with your old computer? Join our recycling program!" It also contained a link whereas you put your machine's information in and they give you an estimate on how much they will pay you for it. Mac then provides the shipping box, materials, etc., and eveb pays for shipping. And once they're done with auditing the machine, they send you a gift certificate. How's that for easy?

Even better, the amount that I would get (store credit of course), would provide a good chunk of the price of an iPad, which I have been coveting for years but I've been too cheap to buy.

So yes. An iPad is far less expensive than a computer, but then, it's a used computer with what is now outmoded technology. So it's okay. It will go to a good home, and I will get my new iPad.

I am liking this.

Could I sell my iMac for more privately? Possibly, but then I would have to deal with people, advertising, etc., not to mention fretting over information that may or may not have stayed stuck inside the darned machine. I'd rather sell it to Apple and be done with it. I think I can trust them more than I can a private buyer.

So right now, my two Macs are chattering happily amongst themselves and transferring all the info from one to the other. Loving the Mac transfer feature! Even a dork like me can do it successfully!

So yeah, I've become a Mac enthusiast. Who would have thunk?

I can't wait to go home and play with my toy.

But before I can do that, I need to finish what I'm doing here.

Story of my life.

Belfebe out.
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