belfebe (belfebe) wrote,

Leave and back to work

Well, after two weeks vacation, yesterday I returned to work.

I must say, this has been some of the best leave ever. And no, I did not travel, did not go anywhere, and spent most of my time at home reorganizing closets, cleaning, sewing and watching way too much Food Network shows and Pawn Stars marathons. I also gained a new respect for Rachael Rae, since I realized that she's cooking much healthier food than Melissa d'Arabian, who loves her butter and sugar as much as Paula Deen, only she teaches you to cook it for very little money.

I can hear my arteries clogging.


At any rate, I felt extremely productive. I had not realized just how stressed I had been for the past half year until a week into my leave. Then I went back to costuming and I managed to finish a couple of U.F.O.*, consisting in a blue linen doublet for me and a pair of linen wrist bands for geoffreyapclywd.

* According to the fabulous operafantomet: U.F.O. = "Un-Finished Object"

Additionally, I made a 16th Century black coat for myself which only needs to be hemmed, and cut mockup for an Italian capoto for ballistabob, which I hope to finish before KASF pending shipment of the grey wool that he ordered from

The best part? The black coat was made out of leftover wool lying about in my sewing room. This begs the question, how did I manage to end up with a complete 4 yards of "remnant" wool after finishing the previous project that was no small garment? And why on earth had I purchased 6-7 yards of black wool? The world may never know, but I have a brand new coat and that's what counts.

And yes, pics are coming up as soon as I hem the stuff.

But at least I feel that I got my groove back (for now anyway), and that's no small feat.

I am happy.

Belfebe out.
Tags: costuming, random, reality tv, tales from my lunch time

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