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Wrist Warmers!!!

I work in a nifty building built at the turn of the 20th Century. It is a gorgeous building that could have been kept better than it has, but beautiful nonetheless. This also means that the heating and cooling systems are rather old, and not always that efficient.

For those of us who work in the non-sunny section, summer can be rather pleasant, except for the fact that the A/C basically has two modes: stuffy, or freezing cold. The guys in the sunny section, on the other hand, need to close all drapery or they will fry despite their air conditioned offices. Such is the nature of old buildings.

In the winter, those of us who are in the non-sunny sections will need to crank up the heater since it will be freezing cold, while the guys in the sunny sections will be warm and toasty with or without the furnace.

This whole information is relevant since my hands are always cold at the office, whether is summer or winter, and typing is sometimes a pain in the ass. Ergo, I have been looking for a pair of fingerless gloves since forever, with very little luck.

True, I had found at one point a pair of cute mittens that featured a removable top. This would have been mighty convenient, were not for the fact that the thumb was completely covered. Try typing while using a thumb encased in knitted goodness, and see how fun that is. Not.

I made all types of searches, and I finally found a selection in They call them wrist-warmers. Who would have thunk? However, I did not find any that I really liked at the price I wanted, or that would not involve a lot more in shipping fees since apparel is usually sold through a third party. Hmmm...

Well, now that I knew that I could search by "wrist warmer," "arm warmer," and "fingerless gloves," I did a search outside Amazon and found ... Etsy.

This is not to say that I didn't know what Etsy was. However, I never really ventured into the land of Etsy and did not even have an account. Yet, before my very eyes, there was a selection of cute fingerless gloves, handmade, and in all styles staring at me on the face. At reasonable prices even.

To make a long story short, I ended up ordering that nifty little number that you see below. They are cute, and finally, my hands will be warm at the office. Hooray! And let's hear it for small business and artisans. I like the idea of purchasing a pair of hand made warmers, as opposed to those made in China.

I can't wait for my mittens to arrive.

PS. Yes, I do know how to knit. In fact, I used to be an avid knitter many moons ago. However, there days I barely have time to do laundry, let alone to knit. Paying for something that´s already knitted is a helluva lot more convenient. The end. :-)
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