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DWTS - The Semifinals

Well, boys and girls, DWTS semifinals was last night, and it was full of surprises. Three dances each,and no messing. Everyone brought their "A" game, although poor JR was injured and it showed. Now, let's get on with the show:

  • Rob and Cheryl: I must say that Rob K has been surprising me over and over, and has even *gasp* grown on me. Unlike his sister, who sleep-walked her time at DWTS, Rob really has put the effort and it shows. Their first dance was a samba, and I loved how they made a grand entrance with a float full of parrots, balloons, streamers, etc. He really has embraced the cheese factor of DWTS. They got a 10 from Carrie Ann, which I thought was too much, but it was definitely a 9 level dance. On the other hand, their Argentine tango was surprisingly precise, and I liked it a lot. And their cha-cha, was probably the best of the night, up there with Ricki and Derek's. I am not sure that I see them winning it all, but Rob could be the dark horse that steals away the mirror-ball if the other couples decide to sleep in their laurels. We shall see.

  • JR and Karina: JR had an injured ankle and it showed. Their paso was good, but rather forgettable. Their Argentine tango was incredibly challenging, and I think that they were underscored on that one. But their usual brilliance and energy was a bit dimmed by his injury. And their cha-cha was probably the weakest of the night, although the judges would eat crow before placing them in fourth place. I do hope that he gives that ankle a rest and that they bring it next week. They are still my favorite to win, and I can't wait to see their freestyle.

  • Hope and Maks: They were much better than they have been since the beginning of the show. Maks cracked me up with his quips, looking a lot more relaxed than he's ever been. And Hope has finally learned to embrace his Maksiness. Their paso was not passable; their Argentine tango was awkward, although it was incredibly challenging and they managed all the lifts. Hope is an athlete and it shows, but her musicality is not there. Having said that, their cha-cha was pretty good, and I daresay that it was even better than JR and Karina's. But they ended up in fourth place all the same. I think that they're going home and they know it. But it was a valiant effort, and at least they did learn to work well together. Good for them!

  • Ricki and Derek: They were on last night. I liked their samba very much, and their Argentine tango was awesome. Ricki looked great in that yellow dress, in a Big Birdie sort of way. And their cha-cha did deserve to end up first. Watch out for them.

    And that's all for today. We shall see what happens tonight. (Did I mention that I am thrilled that Dance Center is back? I love those guys!)

    I leave you now with your DWTS Death Pool of the week, so you can kill some productivity on a Monday morning.

    Belfebe out.

    Photo Credit: ABC
    Poll #1795231 DWTS Weekly Death Pool

    Which couple gave the best dance of the night?

    Rob and Cheryl
    JR and Karina
    Hope and Maks
    Ricki and Derek
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