belfebe (belfebe) wrote,

Crown Tourney!

We are back from Crown Tourney and, in case anyone is wondering, Ragnarr is back on the throne. Yay! It will be a fun reign, I am sure.

Anywhoo, the day was wonderful and I got to dress in girls' clothes, which is always a lot of fun. I also wore my new spiffy wool hosen. I must say, I was kind of worried when I noticed that the weather was getting warmer, as I thought I was going to roast in those. Nevertheless, not only I did not roast but the fulled wool provided some nice cushion for my feet, which were currently encased in nifty turnshoes with absolutely no arch support.

It was great.

Since the grass was dry, I did not have to wear pattens, and it was like walking barefoot all day.

I like turnshoes and nifty hosen.

The fights went great. Miguel and Violante looked amazing in their Moorish white garb, and the Pontoons did great in the tournament. Also, jurgenzuvols won the Tempore Atlantia with his amazing handwoven tunic for both best handwoven item and for best in show. It was awesome.

And of course, there were some very nifty A&S entries. Of particular note were the glass items that Elspet displayed. My god, I die of envy every time she displays anything. And I loved Violante's display on dyes, particularly her documentation. I got some nifty ideas from it.

Today I have dedicated to cutting some new garments, especifically a new set of fencing garb. Deep chocolate light linen, which will be turned into a pair of venetians and a doublet, decorated with gold or rose linen bias. This will be my summerweight fencing garb, as it will be interlined with heavy silk habotai. Light and breezy, and ready for those hot summer months.

I would also like to make a 15th C. self-supporting cotehardie for the summer. I have a nice cache of orange linen shot with black that I purchased at Pennsic once upon a time just because it was pretty. Really nice. My only problem is that I only have 3 1/2 yards of it. Do you guys think that it will be enough for that? I believe it is at least 58" wide. Otherwise, I will have to continue looking for a use for it. And it is really pretty.

And now, going to the kitchen. Some marinated chicken is calling my name and asking to be broiled.

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