belfebe (belfebe) wrote,

DWTS -- and the departing couple is...

Tony and Chynna.

Congratulations to alert readers greta_k and danceex01 who called it correctly on yesterday's death pool. Good job!

Tony and Chynna were my pick for "surprise elimination," with Nancy Grace and Patrick being the most likely to go. Being that they ended up as the bottom two, it wasn't a bad prediction. More on target than what I had predicted last week. Good bye Tony and Chynna, it was a lot of fun to have you around, and we think you're awesome.

As for the remaining couples, here is my take on them as things stand today:

1. Their season to lose: JR and Karina and Ricki and Derek
2. May stick around longer than one would expect due to popular support: Chaz and Lacey and Carson and Anna.
3. Need to step up their act in order to stay, Hope and Maks and Nancy Grace and Patrick
4. Could go either way: Rob and Cheryl and David and Kym.

And ttttthat's all folks! See you next week with the mini recap and the Death Pool of the Week!

~Belfebe out

Photo Credit: ABC
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