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Project Runway: How to Canonize a Contestant

Well, I haven't been blogging about Project Runway this season. Frankly, I've found it a bit tiresome and not particularly motivating. It seems that the move of the show from Bravo to Lifetime has been a bit detrimental on the show, which currently seems to revolve a bit more about the drama and less about the designs than it used to be.

Besides, it's become predictable.

The fabulous Tom and Lorenzo have referred to this season's phenomenon as "the canonization of Anya." For those who have not been following, this fine lady is a beauty queen who just learned to sew about 4 months before the show even ran. She's got great looks, good taste, and can design fabulous muumuus that look great on anyone as long as they wear a size 2. This means that she's going to win this season as the judges seem to celebrate anything she does, whether it make sense or not.

My prediction? She and Viktor will go to the finals and Viktor will probably get robbed. The third one may be either Miss Clinique Counter Lady (Joshua) or Kimberly. There is no way in hell Laura is making it since the judges (particularly Miss Nina Garcia) really don't like her. So be it.

At any rate, last night Anya won (again) with a little black dress that was a poorly constructed ripoff of Viktor's little black dress from a couple of episodes ago. The dress was so poorly fitted and constructed that her model had to be sewn in and cut out of it. Apparently, Anya has never heard of zippers or any kind of closures for that matter.

The most interesting thing about these garments is that in case of Viktor's garment (first on the left below), the judges didn't give him the win on account of the dress being black and not suitable for an "advertorial," which was the point of the challenge. In Anya's case, the judges ooohhed and ahhhed on her poorly fitted dress (dress on the right below) and awarded her the win, which included an "advertorial" as well, even though the dress was black. Apparently, a black dress is not good on an advertorial unless your name is Anya.

Just to illustrate my point, here is the comparison side by side, courtesy of Laura Bennett's PR Blog:

Left: Viktor's dress. Right: Anya's dress.

Anywhoo, since this thing is likely a done deal, I am waiting for the All Stars season to start.

It promises to be good, and at least those folks know how to sew.

~Belfebe out.
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