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DWTS: A surprise elimination and bonus survey

Well, boys and girls, we all got it wrong. It wasn't Chaz and Lacey, or Nancy Grace and Patrick.

Neither were they Hope and Maks or David Arquette and Kym Johnson, my two picks for a potential surprise elimination. (Although to my credit, Hope and Maks did make the bottom two as "in jeopardy" along with the departing couple.)

Sooooo... The couple that left us last night was... *Drumroll*

Kristin Cavallari and Mark Ballas!

Photo Credit: EW Popwatch

I can't say that I was expecting it this soon, but I am not surprised either. Like I said before, if this had any logic, Chaz and Lacey would have gone home. But then, DWTS is not just a dancing competition. It's also a popularity contest, and it tests the ability of contestants not only to dance (in some cases poorly), but to connect with the audience. Some do it brilliantly, and some not so much.

For instance, we've had our share of much beloved bad dancers that we kept bringing back despite the judges' best efforts in giving them low scores. (Ty Murray, anyone?)

Some others have been really good, and have been sent home packing even after giving unforgettable performances. Joanna Krupa and Derek's futuristic paso doble come to mind. It's been one of the best dances on DTWS ever, and yet they were sent home that same day!

And who can forget Bristol Palin and her gorilla suit? Don't even get me started with that!

At any rate, last Monday the theme was dancing to songs that related to personal stories. And while we had some real compelling ones -- JR Martinez for example had me in tears, and even little Rob Kardashian was able to connect by talking about losing his dad at the age of 15 -- all Kristin could come up with was her high-school graduation and having to decide whether to go to college of go to Hollywood. Whoop-dee-do.

Plus, I believe that Mark Ballas doesn't have the fan base to be able to save his partner like Maks or Anna Trebunskaya do.

Which is a pity because she's a pretty girl who can bust some good moves.

Oh, well. Such is the way of the Mirror Ball (TM).

At any rate, goodbye Kristin. We enjoyed you while we had you around.

And now, a bonus survey. How long do you think that Chaz Bono is going to last?

Poll #1784498 DTWS Bonus Survey

How long do you think Chaz is going to last?

He'll be gone next week, after Cher shows up to cheer for him.
2-3 weeks
All the way to the finals baby!!!
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