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Morning Gym

I am not a morning person.

However, after years of waking up at 5 a.m. to go to the gym, I seem to have acquired a morning body.

Yes, boys and girls, even if I kill my snoozer in a vain attempt to take a day off from the gym, my stomach starts growling and screaming "Feed me! Feeeeeed meeee!"

At that point, I might as well get up, have (first) breakfast, and head off for the gym.

This morning was just like that. And to say that I had to really push myself in order to make the most of my workout when I wanted nothing more than an extra hour of sleep, is an understatement.

So there I was, trying to bring myself up to my next challenge, when a guy who is one of the morning regulars at my gym stops me and says:

"I saw you at the barbell station."

"Oh," I say.

"It's not often that you see a woman at the barbell station. You are doing good."

"Thank you," I say. "I'm trying."

"Well," he says. "You are a role model."

I thank him and we both moved on since there is work to do if I'm going to finish on time to make it to work.

But it's nice when you get a compliment from a fellow gymgoer. It's very motivating.

I am glad I woke up.

And I am even more glad that I finished my workout.

I am working hard and seeing results.

I can't ask for much more than that.

~ Belfebe out.


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