belfebe (belfebe) wrote,

Pleats, Pants and a Whole Lot of Zzzz...

I've been sick for the past week.

A really nasty upper respiratory infection.

It hit me like a ton of bricks.

Now, for the first time in days, I woke up without a fever. Yay me! And I am ready to tackle the world. (Sort of.)

Yesterday, I felt brave enough to start assembly of my new trunkhose. Because I was still not up to the task, I worked on and off on it all day, taking naps between stitching sessions.

Okay, so the naps far outnumbered the stitchings, but I felt rather productive for a change.

Then, at the end of the day, I tried the trunkhose on and something felt off.

Yeah, the cartridge pleating was all wonky and over the place. It looked weird and fitted even worse.

Note to self: assembling garments when you are running a fever may not yield the results that you were expecting.

Undanted, and not a little mellow, I took a pair of embroidery scissors and patiently picked my entire day's work apart.

Amazingly, I didn't feel bad or upset or frustrated. I was so mellow that I just undid everything that I had done and called it a day. Penelope must have felt like that when she undid her weaving night after night while waiting for Ulisses...

Man, does fever makes one really groovy.

Today, I am still tired and not entirely energetic, but surprisingly happy to start over. Hopefully, this time I will get that pleating right.

But first, I will take another nap...


- Belfebe out.
Tags: costuming, random

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