belfebe (belfebe) wrote,

Couch Potenors, Hosen, and Other Stories.

Too many things have happened since the last time I posted. For one thing, I have a new job and I am loving it. The only problem is, this may be interfering with my Pennsic plans this year. That doesn't mean that I will not be able to spend any time at Pennsic, but my experience will be rather abridged.

Not only that, but between that and my between-citizenships situation, any current travelling plans are looking rather iffy.


But I love the new job.

At any rate, on Friday, we went to perronelle's for A&S night and we had a delightful time. I also managed to finish my second linen shirt, so I feel rather accomplished. Sunday we came back for more, as azpapillion and James were having a hosen workshop at P's. In that regard, I am pleased to inform you that there is nothing like washed and fulled wool to make nifty, hand-stitched, comfy and rather sexy hosen. And azpapillion is a fantastic instructor.

To make a long story short, I ended up with a pair of 16th C. hosen, which works well with my plans of taking over the world. Err . . . I mean, to delve more into my persona development.

But ladies' hosen was not the only thing that was being taught that fateful Sunday afternoon. While the ladies were in the basement fiddling with their feet coverings, the guys were upstairs making full hosen with James. At one point I went upstairs, only to find a roomful of men in underwear trying their creations on.

Consequently, we have decided that they are the new "Ponte Alto Medieval Chippendale Contingent."

(I am seriously thinking of getting them neat little bow ties. They were so cute . . .)

Monday we did Alle Psallite, as usual. I am happy to announce that we are sounding really good, particularly with the Sitientes piece. It is a rather complicated one but, once we get all the voices together, we actually sound like we know what we're doing. Imagine that!

And of course, since now we have 4 basses (hooray for basses!), we the Three Tenors (namely Cassie, Weebaby and myself) ended up having to scrunch up in the vampire couch. We are now the Three Couch Potenors.

Fear the Potenors!

We will take over the world one couch at a time!


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