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And the DWTS contestant going home is...

Petra Namcova and her partner Dmitry.

I can't say that I am surprised. She's the nicest and most adorable contestant ever, but I didn't think that she had the fan base.

As for Kendra, girl, you got another chance. You didn't even make it to the bottom three. Now shut up, put on your dancing shoes, count your blessings and don't f**k it up.

Belfebe out


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Apr. 20th, 2011 04:10 pm (UTC)
I wonder how this season is doing in ratings with so many nice people, no outright ringers, no outright disasters, and very little negative drama in the weekly rehearsal clips. I hope it's doing well because I'm liking it like this, even if I keep being wrong about Kendra leaving :)
Apr. 20th, 2011 05:18 pm (UTC)
Agreed. And even Kendra is not such a huge drama. Other than the fact that she grosses everyone out, and should shut her motormouth, she comes accross as a regular, unsophisticated girl. I think that's why she has held on this far.

As for ratings, supposedly this season they're been the highest ever. It's been too much fun.
Apr. 20th, 2011 05:45 pm (UTC)
I'm glad the ratings are high. I hope they don't go back to focusing on the negative the way they did last season. There's plenty of drama available in the hard work everyone does to hold folks interest without all the negativity.

Yes, Kendra comes across as unsophisticated. Not as sweet as Bristol Palin, perhaps, but not as obnoxious as Kate Gosselin, either.
Apr. 22nd, 2011 12:43 am (UTC)
I really do wish Kendra would stfu - approximately 1/2 the population is female and a good percentage of females deal with "monthly issues" without making a huge deal of it on national TV.
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