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Dancing with the Stars: An All American New York Country Russian Rumba to Alabama

Last night was "America Night," which gave rise to a plethora of gaudy red, white and blue, as well as bizarrely entertaining dances. But this is Dancing with the Stars, so we can expect no less.

*Note: Strangely enough, Brooke was wearing a sober black dress. Go figure. I would have expected a horrendous little number in patriotic colors. She does that every night anyway (the horrendous dress, not the patriotic colors). But in this occassion, she was wearing decent hair and makeup as well as a tasteful LBD. What's up with that? I feel slightly dissapointed.

Moving on.

Hines Ward and Kym Johnson: They did a rumba to "Proud to be an American." They were a handsome couple, him in military white, and Kym in impressive fringe. The judges raved about it, but I found the whole thing a little blah. However, he is the Hinesman, and I am sure that they will be back next week to impress us with their awesomeness, not to mention Hines' buns of steel.

Chris Jericho and Cheryl Burke: A Viennese waltz to "America the Beautiful." I am still in awe of Chris Jericho (can't you tell?). He and Cheryl were so graceful, and he has demonstrated once more that he's not only ready to rumble on the wrestling mat, but also on the rectagon of doom that is the DWTS dance floor. Go Jericho! (And who would have thunk that adorable and Jericho belong in the same sentence?)

Chelsea Kane and Mark Ballas: I can't stand Mark Ballas. You will probably hear me say that every single week. Having said that, I did enjoy their samba to Miley Cirus' "Party in the USA." Of course, it would have helped if he didn't have that attitude of "Look at ME! Ain't I wonderful? ME, people! ME!!!!!" But they were cute all the same. Oh, well.

Romeo and Chelsie Hightower: They did a foxtrot to "New York, New York." Romeo wanted to do it with "swagger." I have the feeling that he's like a poor man's version of Will Smith. But swagger? Not so much. However, he did a bang up job of channeling Fred Astaire. Trading swagger for a hat was a good move. The judges loved it, and I even liked it.

Macks and Kirstie: Macks without his shirt on. That's all I have to say. The dance was not that good, but Macks abs and a big hunking fake American flag tattoo was good enough for me. Oh, and John Travolta's visit as "Doctor Dance" prescribing some hight top sneakers to prevent shoegates, and some romance to spice things up. Well, she wore no high tops and there was no romance, but these two are having a ball. Literally. And thankfully, no shoes came off. The dance? Who cares. Macks had no shirt, so all bets are off. But if you really want to know, it was a foxtrot to "American Woman." I think that they will hang in there for a while.

Ralph Macchio and Karina: "So I am from New York," says Ralph. "Karina is from Russia, and we are wearing cowboy outfits while doing a samba to Sweet Home Alabama." That, indeed, sums it all up. I thought it was messy, but extremely entertaining. The judges hated it. However, I believe that they will hang in there for a while. He is, after all, Ralph Freakin' Macchio. And you don't send the Karate Kid home so soon. Not if his fans have anything to say about that. And there are plenty of those around. You go, Daniel san!

Petra Nemcova and Dmitry Chaplin: Oh, Petra. You are the nicest dancer of all. She and Dmitri performed a really cute and fast quickstep with a James Bond theme. I think they are adorable, but she did mess up a little bit. The question is, by sharing the bottom three (in judges' points anyway), with Ralph and Kendra, will she go home tonight? Or will we have another DWTS surprise? I dont' know. We will find out tonight.

Kendra and Louis: Oh, Kendra! If you only keep your mouth shut, and stop interrupting everyone and stop mentioning your monthly cycle, you might hang in there for a little longer. As it is, you may end up becoming the dancer who outstayed her welcome. Let's hope it doesn't come to that. At any rate, she and Louie performed a really fun foxtrot to Yankee Doodle, and they looked great. Plus, Louie makes an adorable Uncle Sam. I don't know. Has Kendra grossed out the DWTS voting base to the point of no return? Or will they give her a chance? Don't miss tonight's results episode (or at least keep an eye on this blog.)

So instead of wondering who is going home tonight, I will leave you with a death pool on how long do you think Kendra is going to last. And at the end of the survey, I shall leave you with a picture of Macks without his shirt on, image courtesy of the nice folks at ABC.

No need to thank me.

Poll #1731740 DWTS Weekly Death Pool

How long do you think Kendra will last?

She'll be gone tonight
One more week
Two weeks
All the way to the finals baby!!!

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