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Live Blogging Dancing with the Stars

I didn't plan on doing this, but I had the laptop when it started. So there you are.

Oh, Wndy Williams, you looked fabulous but you were boring beyond belief. Sniff...

Chelsea was cute, but Mark Ballas is creeping me out. Bruno is not helping either.

Have I mentioned that I have a girlie crush on Chris Jericho?

And that's was awesome, Chris made me cry It was a beautiful tribute to his Mom ... Pity the judges didn't give him as high scores as Chelsea and Mark. Chris deserved at least as much. Oh, well,

Kendra, the smoke machine was a mistake. But that footwork was awesome. And Bruno loves it. Plus, that was hot. Go Kendra!!!

Oh, Romeo. Stop whinning. Yes, those are heels. You don't hear the girls complaining and they wear much higher heels. Anywgoo, thats an okay rumba. Apparently the guys are going sensitive tonight. Except for Mark, who just creeps me out.

Ohhhh, Len hates it. Not good.

I want me some Mark Hynes. That's some nice booty shaking!!! I would love to see him and Chris make it to the finals. That would be epic. Whoa! They got a 9!

...And the waltz is definitely the dance for Petra. Len thinks she's the one to beat. I disagree, but it was a lovely dance. Wow, Len really likes her. Gave her a 9.

And I now I have oatmeal cooking on the stove for tomorrow's breakfast. In case you wanted to know...

And now, a commercial for overactive bladder. With stick figures. What will they come up with next?

Russel Brand as Arthur. All very good, but I have not seen any indication that he's playing the drunk like the original movie. Just sayin'.

I adore Sugar Ray Leonard. Can't dance for squat, but I love him all the same. Good gravy! Anna just called him a little girl! That should inspire him! Go Sugar Ray! That was fun. Not the best Paso ever, but I would give them A for effort. Bullfighting to Britney Spears "My Prerogative." How cool is that! The judges verdict? Much improved. Sadly, his marks were not. :-(

Damn! Kirstie and Macks. That rumba was lovely. Pity that Macks lost his footing. But it was beautiful all the same. I just hope Macks does not get taken out by that injury. They are having so much fun together.

Karina looks gorgeous tonight. Awww, Ralph Macchio is having a wedding anniversary! He's so adorable! They are danding the rumba. And beautifully too. Awwww! He's kneeling before his wife now! Len says that he needs more refinement. Bruno agrees. Carrie Anne says it's sweet. Now everyone is arguing. Can everyone stop that?

Scores after the commercials...

Hmmmm... I wonder if the Cover Girl lipstick really lasts 24 hours.

New Castle tonight! Wheeeee!!!!

And now, we're back. And Brooke, you're not helping. Just saying.

Wow, the judges gave them 7's. I disagree, they should have gotten higher marks, but then all I can do is vote. So there.

Anf that's it for tonight. Death pool tomorrow.

~ Belfebe goes to bed now.
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