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Gretchen Jones Fall 2011 Collection

Well, following yesterday's post about Gretchen's adventures on the red carpet, I found out today that her Fall 2011 collection is out.

Here are some highlights. Let's review it, shall we?


The blue tunic one is kind of cute. An improvement over her last collection. I actually like it. And the green dress is pretty wearable. Well done Gretchen!

Photos courtesy of Honey Kennedy


The first ensemble is bad because it could have been good. Look at the hem at the left hand bottom of the mullet skirt. What happened there? At least press it for crying out loud. As for the shorts, I just don't feel them, but the sweater is nice. Just sayin'.


Okay, these two are really, really fugly. I don't know what Gretchen has against women's boobs, but she has given this poor model a very sad and droopy chest with that shapeless grey top. The orange skirt is not much of an improvement. I like the color, but the whole ensemble makes this unfortunate girl look like a Soviet prison guard on a holiday. I wonder if her shoes can sprout daggers in case James Bond shows up...

As for the pants, I have to give credit where credit is due. It takes real talent to give someone a camel toe with a pair of baggy wide leg trousers. The woman truly deserves a medal.

Photos courtesy of the fabulous Tom and Lorenzo

The whole collection can be found at the home of Tom and Lorenzo of Project Rungay.

So what do you think guys? Good? Bad? Fugly? All of the above? Or is there hope for Miss Gretchen?

Belfebe out.
Tags: fashion, project runway
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