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Top Chef All Stars

Is anyone following Top Chef All Stars?

Yes boys and girls, as you may recall, I am a sucker for competition shows and for posting silly surveys. And since I have not posted one in a while, I will do that today.

As a side note, who has a crush on Fabio Viviani? (Me! Me!) Yeah, he was eliminated a couple of weeks ago, but I still adore him and was happy to see him back as a sous chef to Richard last Wednesday. So there.

And of course, I am mourning the departure of Angry Dale. He rocked and dominated the competition, so it would have been great to see him in the finale. Oh well, he departed with $30,000 and a couple of paid trips as a result of winning a streak of challenges.

Here's to you Dale. We will miss you.

Anywhoo, if you are watching, who are you rooting for? Here is your totally pointless and random survey. Have fun with it!

Poll #1709995 Top Chef All Stars

Who are you rooting for?

Mike Isabella
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