belfebe (belfebe) wrote,

Wednesday Thoughts...

What a week ...

And it's only Wednesday ...

Don't ask ...

At any rate, I am not going to have my Ottoman outfit ready for this Saturday.

In fact, due to some family emergencies, I may not be able to attend the event this Saturday.


But I will not delve in that. I prefer to keep that part private. And if I can make it to the event, I make it; and if I don't, I don't. Some things are under our control, and some others are not. The sooner we learn to accept those things, the better.

However, I can post about my adventures in Ottoman garb.

The last time we heard from our heroine, she was enthusiastically determined to make an Ottoman Woman Outfit in a rush, right out of the most excellent Reconstructing History pattern. She had also found the fabric she had purchased years ago at Pennsic for this purpose, had ordered a pair of presentable slippers online, and was ready to rock and roll.

Well, not so fast...

First of all, I remembered that I am utterly unable to just put something together in a hurry, let alone without doing any fact finding on my own. Ergo, I dug out my copy of Jennifer Scarce's Women's Costume of the Near and Middle East , my Ottoman Textiles book, and explored various Internet sites such as Dar Anahita's home page.

At that point, I came upon the realization that the fabric I had, while acceptable, wasn't as good as some other stuff that I already had in my stash. This made my project a little bit bigger than originally planned. Now, I wanted more pieces, not only a gomlek and entari (plus salvar, of course), but I wanted the short and long versions of the entari, whith long sleeves in the under jacket and short in the over jacket. With facings.

Oh, and I need a proper tarpush. Gotta have a proper tarpush.

And although I had serged the linen for the gomlek, now I want it hand stitched. (And regret having serged the wretched thing.)

This also involved not one, but two mockups. The pattern is good, it's just that I like to fuss with the fit. Why do I do these things to myself?

Hmmm, perhaps because I subscribe to the notion that you can do it fast, or you can do it right.

Or in the words of Miracle Max, you can't rush a miracle or you'll get a rotten miracle.

Wow, now I have an entirely new project.

It will keep me entertained for a while...

Belfebe out.
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