belfebe (belfebe) wrote,

Thank You LJ Trust

Thanks guys for replying to yesterday's inquiry on emergency Ottoman footwear for the event two weeks from now.

In the end, I had several options:

  • Option a): Looking for slippers in Indian clothing stores in the neighborhood. An excellent suggestion by the fabulous operafantomet. I have found out that there are several accross the DC Metro area (thanks kellfire and sskipstress!), which deserve exploring.

  • Option b): Some really nifty leather moroccan slippers that my beloved ballistabob found online for me. They look very good, but since the price is in Euro, I am wondering where they are shipping from and if they would ship them in time. Definitely an option worthy of further exploration in the future.

  • Option c): Some really cool Indian slippers, available online, suggested by the one and only anotheranon. I absolutely loved them, and they are at the right price. I ended up ordering these. Hopefully, they will arrive on time. We shall see. At any rate, they are worth bookmarking.

    It has been interesting looking for acceptable slippers. Although none of these three options claim to be historical reproductions, one cannot but notice that this kind of footwear has not changed really that much. At least, these ones will hold me until my sweetie can make me some raised shoes, which will rock.

    But for now, I do expect to have some presentable footwear to wear with my Ottoman garb.

    That is, if I manage to finish it on time.

    Here's to hope.
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