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Randomosity on a Tuesday

Well, I have finished moving my website to another host company. Although my old host purportedly supported Wordpress, I kept having more and more issues with it. And I like Wordpress. As a result, I went on and moved to Bluehost, which is recommended by Wordpress. Furthermore, other folks had also recommended this host highly, so I went along with it.

Moving the site was a pain in the butt, as I had not done it before. The good news is, I did move all my files successfully via FTP. The bad news is, I had moved them to the wrong directory (what did I know?). To top everything, I had no clue how to test a site before going live.

Enter the fabulous Cassie. She sat down with me and helped me move everything back in, test the site, and even move the elusive Wordpress database. So my site is now working the way it's supposed to.

Yay Cassie!

In other news, I started a new fitness program last Monday. This is an "off season" program that would build the foundations for my eventual competing in figure.

Good gravy! When I saw it, I was floored. This is the "off season" program? I can only imagine what the "on season" will be. Nevertheless, I am going along with it full steam. Totally different diet, and a new set of challenging routines.

I am excited, and totally terrified. But I am going for it.


Whose idea was this?

Oh, wait...

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