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And the Winner Is .....

Ever since I traded my old Toshiba laptop for a Mac, I have been looking for a photography editing program that works well in Mac, and that won't set me back $600.00 like Photoshop.

Do not get me wrong. I will eventually get me a copy of Photoshop. It is just that at this point, all I need is a program that allows me to organize my pics and enhance them, before I plunk the cash on the full version of Photoshop. So there.

So here's my story: I used to have ACDSee in my old Toshiba. I adore ACDSee. Easy to use, smooth as a baby's bottom, and it does what I want it to do. However, it does not yet have a full version for Mac, and their beta module well, sucks.

Yes, my spanking new Mac came pre-loaded with iPhoto, which is a nifty little program, but not enough for what I want to do. So scratch that one.

Then there is Photoshop Elements. I had a copy of Photoshop Elements in my old Toshiba and I hated it. I found it slow, clunky, and quite frankly not as user-friendly as my beloved ACDSee. I didn't like it in Windows, I was not going to plunk any cash on a copy for Mac. So there.

My other option was Aperture, which is a nifty program specifically made by Apple for Mac. More complete than iPhoto, and with an array of nifty features. It also integrates decently well with Photoshop, which is something to consider for when I am ready to purchase my own copy. It only works with Mac.

Sick of not being happy with what I had in hand, I purchased a copy of Parallels, a nifty little program that allows me to run a virtual copy of Windows on my Mac, and therefore to run Windows programs. It works like a charm, and I uploaded my old copy of ACDSee for Windows.

Ahhhh, the relief of seeing my old friend in there! Regrettably, by now I realized that there were new versions of ACDSee, and that my old copy lacked some features that come in every new single program, including the new version of ADCSee Pro. The good news? Because I own a copy of ACDSee already, I could get the new one at a discount, which is nothing to sneeze at.

The disadvantage? Well, it's Windows, and what's the point of having a Mac if I will have to run Windows to do my editing. Still, something to think about.

Then, there is Lightroom. Made by Adobe, and a separate program from Photoshop but with a seamless integration for it when I need it. It also comes in dual platforms: Windows and Mac. Both of them for the price of one. And with the current holiday discounts, the price cut brings it closer to ACDSee Pro and Aperture. (Regular ACDSee, which is also pretty good, is considerably cheaper if you are thinking about getting a cool editing program for under $50. I just want more than that at this point.)

Hmmmm ....

Of course, I did scour the web for reviews of the three programs. Depending on who you're talking to, all of them are great and all of them suck compared to each other. This tells me that they all work great, depending on what you're looking for.

In the end, here's what I thought:



  • I love it
  • Easy to use
  • I get a price break
  • Did I mention I love it?
  • Can be used with Photoshop


  • Not an acceptable Mac version yet
  • Would have to purchase the Windows version



  • It looks pretty awesome
  • Has some features that the others don't like geomapping
  • It integrates well with Photoshop
  • It's specifically made for Mac


  • I don't care for iPhoto because the pic importing is slower than ACDSee. If this is more of the same, I may not be happy
  • I can only use it in Mac



  • Very powerful
  • You can even find presets and loads of info online
  • It integrates seamlessly with Photoshop
  • Has dual platform, which means that my husband can use it on his Dell laptop if he wants to as well
  • It's on sale


  • Does not have the geotagging that Aperture has, but I can live with it
  • Lack of familiarity

    In the end, I decided to go with Lightroom. I have been finding more and more things about it online, and I like it.

    For everything else, I highly recommend ACDSee. It's affordable, easy to use, and pretty cool.

    And that's it for today.

    Can't wait to get my copy.

    I hope I like it.

    Merry Christmas to me.

    Belfebe out.
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