belfebe (belfebe) wrote,

I am just now catching up with my LJ, both posting and reading folk's entries. So if you haven't heard from me, I am not ignoring you, I have just been busy with a lot of fu at work and other stuff.

Anywhoo, I had my Citizenship interview today at the Office of Homeland Security. I am glad to inform you that it went great. The only problem was that I missed one paper: A translated and certified copy of my first divorce. Oh, I brought the original, all right, but didn't realize that since it was in Spanish, I needed to have it translated and notarized. The interviewer told me "If you had brought it with you, you would have become a citizen today."


The good news is that getting that puppy translated and certified will not be a big problem and I have 30 days to submit it. Yay! Once they receive it, I will get notification of my appointment to take my oath.


And now, back to business.
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