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Dancing with the Stars Recap: Finale Part I

So we watched the first part of the DWTS Finale last night, and I am happy to report that no television sets were shot.

At any rate, here is my take on the performances, listed in the order in which I liked the most:


The Redemption Round - In which contestants dance to the styles in which they sucked the most and prove that they can actually dance (or not).

1. Jen and Derek. Paso doble. Based on this dance alone, they should win. It was gorgeous, perfect, and classic. It did help that this time they were not sabotaged by music unsuitable for said dance (and poorly executed at that!), but a classic Paso song, brilliantly played by the orchestra. Len gave them a standing ovation, and bemoaned the fact that he did not have an 11 paddle. (Of course, Len, if you had not been overscoring certain contestants, you would not have needed one in the first place.) They got three 10's, and quite deservingly so.

2. Kyle and Lacey: The Foxtrot. I absolutely loved them, and I was surprised that they did not get at least one 10. They totally redeemed themselves from the Foxtrot that was panned by the judges in an earlier episode. Plus they were adorable. They got three 9's. Not bad. Not bad at all.

3. Bristol and Mark: The Jitterbug. Well, all I have to say is that at least she wasn't wearing a gorilla suit this time. Praise the deity of your choice for that. Other than that, she was just as bad as the first time around. I could not see her move her feet, she lost the timing several times, and wore the same wooden expression she always does. (Is she related to Garfield?) However, to her credit she did shimmy her boobs and butt, which is just about the only thing she can actually do. How she got the same three 9's as Kyle and Lacey is beyond me. But it's okay. She doesn't have to dance. She'll probably win anyway.

Moving on.


The much awaited Freestyle Round! This is what we were all waiting for, and what separates the kids from the men (or women).

Again, listing it order of favorite performances.

1. Kyle and Lacey: "The Tootsie Roll" Freestyle. Okay, they blew me away. They were so adorable in those hip-hop outfits, and they went all out. It was a difficult routine and one full of tricks. My favorite of the night. Based on that performance, they should win. Sadly, Len gave them a 9, mainly because he said that he wasn't a fan of the "boogaloo." (Carry Anne corrected him and explained that it was actually hip-hop.) They got two 10's and a 9.

2. Jen and Derek: "Do You Love Me" from Dirty Dancing. Yeah, most people were expecting "The Time of My Life" but Jen explained that that was hers and Patrick's song, and she wanted to have something new with Derek. I agree with her. It was a lovely and challenging routine. Incredibly sweet. Although I liked Kyle's better, I believe that this one was amazing all the same. They did get three straight 10's.

3. Bristol and Mark: "The Cell Block Tango" from Chicago. Hmmm... where to start? Okay, I shall say something positive: It did feature a cell, and Bristol looks great in boots. That's about it. No tricks, no surprises, no tango, and only one lift. Oh, and an über long ribbon that they kept kind of wrapping themselves in, and a lot of taking their hats on and off. To their credit, Bruno and Carry Anne gave them 8´s. Len gave them a 9, the same as Kyle. Go figure. No matter, like I said, she doesn´t have to dance. She will win all the same. Just sayin´.

But don't shoot the television. It's only a tv show, and we did get to see some very good dancing.

Can't wait to see the other two dances tonight.

Belfebe out.
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