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Dancing with the Stars Recap: A lot of Monkeying Around

Another Monday, another DWTS recap. Doesn't get better than that, does it?

Or so say I.

Anywhoo, here it goes:

It was TV Night, so as you can imagine, the show was more cheestastic than usual.

Brandy and Maks, dancing to the theme of "Friends": Finally! They made it to the top of the leaderboard. See Brandy? All you have to do is trust your Pro. Maks looked a little weird though, so clean shaven and holding a lollipop. No matter. I want me a lollipop from Maks. Yum.

Jennifer and Derek: Guys, don't you know that Len hates dusters? And he hates dancers wasting time dusting furniture instead of dancing even more. I personally liked the dance, what with Jennifer looking so 50's and demure, but the Great Len was not amused. Oh, well. And Derek, what's up with stirring up some drama with Jen and going "So I have to bottle everything in, until I explode all at once?" It's not just about you dude, although watching you explode in camera would be most amusing. Cleaning up the bits afterwards would be a bit messy though, but we will need to break some eggs in order to make an ommelette don't we?


Audrina and Papa Bear, dancing to the theme of "The Hills" (duh!): She looked absolutely fabulous. Alas, if she could only emote, she'd be unstoppable.

Rick and Cheryl, dancing to the theme of "Hill Street Blues": Cop uniforms (with sequins!), handcuffs, gun holsters, what's not to like? If only Rick had kept that porno mustache from last week, we'd be all set...

Kurt and Anna, to the theme of "Betwitched": She was adorable, and channeled Elizabeth Montgomery like the best. Which is admirable taking into account that she didn't even know what Bewitched was. (She grew up in Russia, wouldn'tcha know.) They were absolutely cute and I really, really liked her dress.

On the other hand, I can't believe that no one danced to the theme of "I Dream of Jeannie." Life is not fair.

Moving on...

Florence and Corky, dancing the Tango to "The Brady Bunch": Seriously? Who dances the tango to the Brady Bunch? What were the producers smoking? I just wish that Corky gave Florence a better choreography. You can be cheestastic and still do it right. Then again, it was a tango to the Brady Bunch. Can't help it. And whose idea was Florence's Mrs. Claus bathrobe? C'mon guys! You can do better than that!

Kyle and Lacey, dancing to "Charlie's Angels": If you were wondering where Rick's porn mustache from last week went, wonder no more. It ended up on Kyle, along with a 70's bodacious 'fro wig. And of course, Lacey obliged with a Farrah Fawcett hairstyle. Len hated the Disco inspired foxtrot, but heck, considering that it was a foxtrot to Charlie's Angels, they did a heckuva job.

But I am still mourning the lack of "I Dream of Jeannie." Just sayin'

Bristol and Mark, dancing to "The Monkeys": Giant gorilla suits. One of them in a tutu. That's all I have to say. Please, someone send this poor teen activist home.

Oh, Mark. What were you thinking?

So who do you think will go home tonight? I leave you with the survey of the week. Click away and have fun.

Belfebe out.

Poll #1633082 DWTS Weekly Death Pool

Who do you think will be going home tonight?

Brandy and Maks
Jennifer and Derek
Audrina and Papa Bear
Rick Fox and Cheryl
Kurt and Anna
Florence and Corky
Kyle and Lacey
Bristol and Mark
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