belfebe (belfebe) wrote,

Project Runway Survey (Finally!)

I don't know what happened with my survey in my previous entry. LJ ate the survey, duplicated the post (outside the cut!), and scrambled all the pics that were not behind the cut.

No matter, I have cleaned up that entry, and I am posting the survey in this one. So two entries for the price of one. Neat, huh?

At any rate, behind the cut is the survey of the week. Clicky and enjoy!

Poll #1631797 Project Runway Weekly (Sort of) Survey

Do you think that the right person went home last night?

Yes, April's Morticia Addams dress was awful
No, Gretchen's and her oodles of fugliness should have gone home
No, Andy's wet streetwalker lizard woman deserved to go
No, Michael C's black dress was too simple. He should have gone home.
No. Send Mondo home. Why? I don't know. Just because I can click.

And as promised, here's the pic of Swatch, the Mood puppy, in his finest Maddona "Like a Virgin" Halloween outfit.

Have a happy weekend y'all!

Tags: project runway, surveys

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