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Project Runway: With Pictures!!!

Like I promised, today we have a Project Runway entry.

Yay me!

Okay, maybe not a very long entry, but it does have pictures!

In a nutshell, the designers go to the rooftop where Momma Tim and Mayor Bloomberg are waiting for them. The mayor of New York City tells them that he's giving them the entire town to serve then as an inspiration. So off they go to visit places.

Anywhoo, Michael Costello gets inspired by the Statue of Liberty; Mondo and April go to the Brooklyn bridge; Andy goes to Central Park; and Gretchen goes to the Lower East Side. They might as well have stayed at home, since everyone ended up with black dresses. That is, everyone but Gretchen, but she doesn't count since she ended up giving us her most horrendous ensemble yet. More of that in a moment.

Apparently everyone is tired. Mondo takes a nap and nobody wakes him up. Michael is still trying to figure out what he's going to do. Andy seems to have a fixation with lizard ladies. I am not sure what April is making, but I am afraid that her model's girls may burst out of the bodice. Gretchen is proffering nuggets of wisdom, as usual, and providing "constructive critiques" to everyone. The girl thinks that she's the best designer since Coco Chanel.

Oh, and she says that Micheal C is either an "idiot savant," or "just an idiot." Never mind that said idiot has been beating her in the challenges over and over. Err...

Moving on.

Runway Day:

Hey, looky there! Is Miss Christian Siriano in the judges' seat! This should be fun...

Mondo: He comes up with a nice little black and white number that I would wear in a heartbeat. Christian is not impressed. To be honest, I was expecting a bit more at this point of the competition. But I still like the ensemble. Take a look for yourselves:

Andy: He gives us a very well tailored mini-dress, perfect for all your wet streetwalker lizard girl clothing needs. I give you the front and the back, since the back was really interesting:

Michael Costello: Is that a gathered Roman stola I see before me? A bit simple for this stage of the competition, but beautifully tailored and very flattering. Plus the back fitted beautifully. Having done my fair share of pleating, I can assure you that this gown was a lot of work. Just pleating and hemming all that fabric must have kept the boy occupied. Plus, have you ever worked with stretchy fabric? Yeah, you know what I mean. At any rate, here's the pic:

April: She has given us gloriously fugly stuff such as the infamous double diapers with a pointy hat, and beautiful garments like the Wednesday Addams meets Ed Gorey dress. This time she ended up giving us a futuristic Morticia Addams meets Mad Max, which was unfortunate. But it did flowed nicely and was not boring, which is more than I have to say for other designers. (Are you listening Gretchen?) Pic below:

Gretchen: As wacky as April's dress was, it was nowhere near as fugly as Grouchy Gretchen's Walmart bargain rack abomination. So much for proffering advice to others, Miss Gretchen. I would not be caught dead wearing that. See for yourselves:

In the end, Michael C wins the challenge (so much for idiot savant), Mondo comes second, Andy third, and Gretchen and April are in the bottom two. Not surprisingly, despite the oodles of fugliness provided to us by Grouchy Gretchen, April goes home and Gretchen lives to play another day.

Oh, and apparently they will still have to duke it out to see which three will actually present their collections at Mercedes Benz week, which I believe is crap. Whenever they've done that in the past, it's the top two (in this case Michael and Mondo) who have their place secured, and the bottom two who have to duke it out (Andy and Gretchen). Apparently this time is all four of them. I don't like it, but hey, what do I know.

UPDATE: Somehow my survey was screwed up by LJ. Survey in a following post.
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