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Chalice of the Sun God VII -- Are you ready to rumble?

Chalice of the Sun God VII -- Outstaring the Medusa.

Are you ready to rumble!

Do you have your teams?

And what's the scoop with the rumble, and with the teams? And will there be chocolate?

The answer to your questions can be found below.

Don't miss it!

Chalice of the Sun Gods
Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do these Champion-Challenger tourneys work?

A: Each area of competition (armored combat, rapier, archery, performance and display A&S, youth armored combat and youth rapier) shall hold a challenger tourney in which competitors will vie to be the hero of the day. That hero must then compete one-on-one against the Chalice Champion. The winner of the final Champion? Battle shall become the Chalice Champion, and wins the right to compete next year as the Chalice Champion in their discipline.

Q: How does the Team Competition work?

A: To celebrate those heroes with the good sense not to labor alone or unassisted, we have made a team competition, with the prize being the CHALICE OF THE SUN GOD (and a lot of chocolate). Teams shall consist of 1 entrant in at least 4 of the 5 disciplines, and must register to enter the Chalice Competitions. Additionally, teams may include one youth armored combatant and / or one youth archer, and / or youth rapier fighter for extra credit as it will be explained below. These teams shall be awarded points based upon their prowess and participation in their chosen disciplines. The team with the highest point total shall win the CHALICE, which they shall have the right to retain for a year, whereupon it must be surrendered to next year's winning team.

Q: The winning Champions in each category are expected to return and defend their titles next year. What happens if they can't make it?

A: In that case, the slot for Champion for that category will be declared vacant and the two finalists (first and second place) will duke it out in the finals. The victor will become the next Chalice Champion for that category.

Q: How do I register a team?

A: A team, to be entered in the Team Competition, must have someone competing in at least 4 of the 5 Chalice disciplines (armored combat, rapier, archer, bardic and display A&S). Additionally, the team may include one youth armored combatant and/or youth rapier fighter and/or a youth archer. The team must submit a written registration (email will do) to the autocrat. If they have not registered prior to the event, they must register in person NO LATER THAN 11 AM on the day of the tourney. There will be a box at troll accepting reservations for those teams registering the day of the event. Late entries will not be accepted.

The registration must list the name of your team, the names of the team members, and which discipline each person is competing in on behalf of your team. You may have a team member who competes in more than one discipline for your team, but you must identify which disciplines each team member is participating in.

Q: Are there any restrictions as to who may be on my team?

A: No individual may compete on more than one team in a single discipline. For example, Count Hitsemhard may compete as a member of team A as a heavy fighter. If he so chooses, he may simultaneously compete in a second discipline, such as A&S, as a member of team B. He may also compete as a member of team A as both heavy fighter and as an artisan. He may not, however, compete as a heavy fighter for both team A and team B. Additionally, no team will have more than three youth combatants, one in each discipline, armored, archery and rapier.

Q: How do we get points?

A: Each member of your team will enter the Challenger tourney in their chosen discipline and be awarded points individually according to their performance, which will count towards the individual Chalice challenges. However, only the top five places in each category will earn points for their team. First place will get 10 points for his or her team, second place gets 8, third gets 6, fourth gets 4, and fifth gets 2. Sixth place and below get no points. In the case of a tie, points will be awarded to both people and therefore to both teams. Once the results are in, points will be tallied, including youth bonus points if applicable, and the team with the most points will become the new Team Chalice Champion.

Q: How do the youth bonus points work?

A: Each team that features a youth combatant, either rapier, archery or armored, will get an extra point per young fighter. If the youth wins the Champion challenge and becomes Chalice Champion for youth rapier, youth archery or armored combat, an additional point to the team will be awarded.

Q: If the winner of any of the youth categories is not in any team, what happens to his extra bonus point?

A: That bonus point is not awarded to anyone then, since this provision applicable only to teams. (Hint, hint, get a youth in your team! Those extra points can make a difference!)

Q: What are the cutoff ages for youth rapier, youth armored and youth archery?

A: The cutoff ages for youth rapier and youth armored are determined by Kingdom regulations for those two disciplines. The age cutoff for young archers is 12 and under. This was determined after consultation with the archery marshals who requested that a youth archery category be included among the competitions for this event.

Q: If a young archer 12 or under wishes to compete as an adult, can they do it or do they have to compete as youth?

A: In order to be fair to the youth combatants and rapier fighters, who cannot compete against adults, young archers 12 and under must compete in the youth category. Points for team competitions featuring youth archers will be counted just like the points for teams that feature youth rapier fighters or youth armored combatants.

Q: Is there a bow weight limit for young archers?

A: There are no bow weight limits for young archers. They can shoot with whatever bow style or weight they wish, as long as it complies with Atlantian rules.

Q: Can I have one of the Chalice Champions on my team?

A: Yes. Any of the Chalice Champions may compete as part of a team.

Q: How will the Champion Battle work for Display A&S?

A: We have designed the Display A&S Champion Battle in an effort to add a spectator element to the A&S competition. While the display and judging will take place at the A&S area, the finals will take place on the list field, at the same time as the finals of the other disciplines. The Challenger display will be presented in the field for the populace to see. The Champion display will likewise be presented in the field. The scores for both will be presented in a sealed envelope. The display with the highest score will be deemed the Champion.

Q: How will the Champion Battle work for Performing Arts?

A: Each performer should have two pieces prepared, one of which shall be in period style and documented. The first part of the competition will be judged by a panel of judges, who will take into account both the documentation and quality of performance. The Performing Arts Champion Battle will be held on the list field before the populace, usually after the armored combat Champion Battle and the rapier Champion Battle. Both Champion and Challenger will be asked to perform for the crowd assembled. The piece need not be documented but must be SCA-appropriate. The winner will be decided by Her Majesty. If Her Majesty is not present, the Ladies of the Rose will pick the winner. If no Ladies of the Rose are present, a selection of members of the Order of the Laurel will do it.

Q: What if there is a tie between teams?

A: In case of a tie between teams, the winning team shall be selected by the much venerable tradition of a duel of rock, paper, scissors.
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