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Project Runway: The L'Oreal Avertorial or a Tight Race for Hideous

I have 15 minutes left of my lunch time.

This can only mean one thing: Project Runway recap time!

This is "Sponsor Challenge Week," meaning by it that L'Oreal is sponsoring this week's challenge. Even more exciting, they are offering a two page spread "advertorial" in Mary Claire's magazine, plus $20,000.00 to the lucky winner of the challenge.

The topic? L'Oreal's new line of eyeshadow. The Challenge? Make a couture dress inspired by said eyeshadows. Not bad for a challenge.

Everyone gets excited by the $20,000.00 prize. Screw the advertorial (and why can't they say advertising? It boggles the mind.) Most of the designers say that they'd use the money to pay off debt. April says that she wants a miniature pony, and Mondo wants beer money. That's a heck of a lot of beer. Maybe they can throw a party featuring beer and miniature ponies?

Or not.

Anywhoo. They go to Mood, where Tim plays with Swatch the dog. He (the dog, not Tim), lives at Mood, and the staff makes him outfits and dress him up on a regular basis. They even have a website dedicated to him. I think that Swatch needs his own show.

Here is a pic of Swatch. Isn't he adorable?

But I digress.

The designers are informed that now they have two days as opposed to one in order to finish their garments. They all cheer. But knowing what we know about Project Runway highjinks, they should be afraid. Very afraid.

At any rate, Gretchen decides that she has acquired worldwide exclusive rights over the color burgundy, and takes offense at Michael C for picking the same color scheme for his design. Never mind that their fabrics don't look anything like each other. But this is Gretchen for you.

And here I was thinking that I had patented that color myself. Goes to show how much I know.

(Is it me, or is Gretchen looking more and more like a disgruntled Pippi Longstocking?)

Valerie has an ambitious project involving white silk. And she can't cut silk.

Poison Ivy has decided that her dress should be like the sea, with waves and everything. She picks a hideous shade of green. Momma Tim Gunn disapproves. Thankfully, she has not thought of adding a fish and a lobster to her concoction, although under the circumstances it might have been an improvement.

Christopher has apparently decided that the challenge is about designing something for the Ice Capades on the top and some serious ugly organza on the bottom. It involves a glue gun.

Andy is inspired by lizard people. I am intrigued.

Mondo picks the most colorful set of fabrics, because you can't have a box of crayons and use just one. He is having issues with his corset. He also needs to pee.

Is April making more shorts?

At the end of day one, Momma Gunn walks in, looking very disraught, and tells them that they must add a second piece to their couture one. This time a ready to wear to go with their design. They have a budget of $100.00 and it involves a second trip to Mood.

Mondo says that he's going to pee his pants.

I sense a theme here.

Heck, as long as he doesn't slap a diaper on, jumps into his car and goes on a cross-country trip, I'm okay with that. (Go Mondo!)

*We take a break to show Tim Gunn playing with Swatch the dog again. Did I mention that I love that dog? And I´m not even a dog person.*

Valerie has a nervous breakdown in the bathroom. Ivy tells her to get over it. She gets over it, and says that she will be happy to simply finish her projects and show something in the runway.

Ivy's ready to wear does not fit her model. Big surprise here.

Runway show: Miss Christopher and his Ice Capades themed dresses get saved. Probably because the bottom three are even uglier. Lucky girl. April also makes the cut. I actually liked her shorts, although I cannot say that they are necessarily high couture.


Mondo shows a really cool ready to wear, and also a Dress of Many colors, that I definitely dig. And his ready to wear is just dreamy.

Andy's Lizard Lady is really, really cool in a theatrical sort of way. We must remember that like Mondo's Dress of many colors, this number is for the runway and does not necessarily needs to be wearable. I love it. His ready to wear is a cool little black dress. Heidi wants to wear it right then and there. (The ready to wear, not the lizard outfit.)

Gretchen shows a pinkish velvet kimono dress that reminds me of my Grandmother's bathrobe. The one that she discarded because it made her look too old. And her second look is just as matronly as the first one, only in blue. Inexplicably, she makes the top three. All I have to say is that if this same little number had been presented by Casanova, they would have sent him home for showing something that made his model look like 150 years old.

Thankfully, Mondo wins.

There will be some serious beer drinking tonight.


The guys outdid themselves this time. Michael C's designs are not that bad, but his couture dress has a godawful wire at the bottom and an unwieldy train.

Poor Valerie's dresses are simply blah. Miz Nina Garcia says that her model looks like Miss Guatemala. I think that she was trying to say that it looks like a pageant dress. Honestly, it wasn't so horrible, but high couture? Not so much.

Ivy's disaster duo sends her packing in the end. It was a tough decision. Michael Kors said that it was a tight race for hideous. And it was.

But it was also a lot of fun.

Anywhoo, that's it for today. I leave you with the polling of the day, hidden behind the cut so not to spoil those of you who have TiVO'd or DVR'd it and will come back later on.

Have a happy weekend y'all!

Poll #1623274 Project Runway Polling: Couture and Ready to Wear (RtW)

Which two dresses did you like the most? Pick one couture and RtW

Mondo's Couture Dress of Many Colors
Mondo's RtW Black and White Dress
Andy's Lady Lizard Couture Dress
Andy's RtW Little Black Dress
Gretchen's Couture Granny Kimono
Gretchen's RtW Grey Dress
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