belfebe (belfebe) wrote,

Say Yes to the Blade ...

Picking a blade is like picking your wedding dress.

Really, it is.

If anyone has ever watched Say Yes to the Dress, a reality show that takes place at Kleinfeld's, a posh bridal store in New York, which follows brides in their search for the perfect wedding gown, you will know what I'm talking about. You may recall that once a bride finds her gown, the consultant always asks: "Is this your dress?" Then the bride says "Yes! This is my dress!" and everyone claps and much merriment is had by all.

Well the same can be said for a blade. If you are a fighter of the female persuasion, searching for the perfect blade is like searching for the perfect gown, only that the object of your search will be more utilitarian in nature and will provide a different kind of satisfaction. So there.

At any rate, you can order a blade online, but nothing beats the experience of holding that weapon in your hands and feeling the balance, the shape, the weight, the form, and then having the sudden realization that yes, this is your blade.

Take for instance, my search for a weapon for cut and thrust. I had not planned on purchasing one this Pennsic, although I had it contemplated it in the budget just in case. However, my plan involved borrowing other people's blades and playing with them at practice in order for me to figure out what I wanted.

Oh, that, and visiting Darkwood Armoury at Pennsic just to take a look on what was available.

That was my first mistake.

This is like going shoe shopping at the Mall when they are having a sale. At least in my case, I am totally powerless. Just ask ballistabob

Anywhoo, I arrived at Darkwood Sunday morning of War Week, along with my resident enabler (Balistabob), and started looking at blades. And taking them out of the rack. And playing with them. And feeling them.

And then, all of a sudden, it happened.

Against all my expectations, I fell in love with a two handed sword.

It fit my hands like it was waiting for me. The balance was unparalleded.

It was perfect.

I fell in love.

Osprey, cracked up when I said. "You need to ask me: Is this your blade? Because I will say yes, this is my blade. And by the way, I think I will need a tiara and a veil to go with it."

I have named her (the blade, not Osprey), Little Big Terror.

Now, I need to learn the two handed sword technique.

But that's a matter for a different entry.

PS. I cannot think of a suitable analogy to wedding gowns for picking blades for guys, although the thought of having the guys of the Atlantian Order of the White Scarf all attired in white lace and flowers is an intriguing one. If you guys can think of a manly-man analogy, I'd love to hear about it!
Tags: humor, rapier
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