belfebe (belfebe) wrote,

Randomosity on a Monday

Well, after much toil and trouble, I have happily achieved a nifty pair of venetians (with pockets!) and doublet that actually fit.

No, making garb is not such a big deal. Making garb that is several sizes smaller than what my patterns currently are (weight loss, hello!), and attempting to fit myself, is a real pain in the butt. And contrary to popular belief, it is not just a matter of taking it in. When you work out in addition to losing weight, your body shape changes and you need to adjust.

But at least I have new fencing armor, and I am happy as a clam.

Adventures in fitting myself include a pink pair of venetians (with pockets!) that ended up being too small for me (hey, I am small, but not *that* small!), and that will be delivered to liveinlovemunky who I am sure will look terrific in them.

But now I have another pair in a lovely blue/green linen with pewter buttons made by the awesome ccunning. And if this sounds like a shameless endorsement, it is. I love those buttons. For more of his work, click here

Now, I need to make me some more fencing shirts, and I'd love to make some petticoat bodies. The ones I had do not fit me anymore, and are currently in the hands of the lovely Alina S. (Do we see a theme here?) But I have high hopes of achieving happy petticoats in the near future.

Here's to hope.

Last but not least, I would like to post a survey, since I have not posted one since forever. Being the competition show nut that I am, and knowing that there are some of you out there who share my vice, I would like to know if anyone is currently following some of my favorite shows. So here it is, and have fun!

Poll #1591351 Are you a competition show nut?

Which shows are you currently following?

Top Chef
The Next Food Network Star
Top Shot (History Channel. Like Top Chef, but with guns.)
I am waiting for the next edition of Ru Paul's Drag race
When is the next season of Project Runway?
I prefer Top Chef Masters, but it's not on yet.
Say Yes to the Dress. Oh, wait! That's not a competition!
Whatever happened to LA Ink? Are they still alive?
Tags: costuming, random, surveys

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