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In which Belfebe kills a Toshiba, brings back to life the old Acer, and acquires a Mac

Last weekend, as I was attempting to update the Household site, my trusty Toshiba laptop went kablooie.

The poor thing had been having trouble with overheating (a Toshiba perennial problem), which resulted in randomly turning itself off every once in a while.

The latter had been due to a fan problem, at least according to some Internet sources, which was easily handled by blowing some cold air over it via aerosol air can.

This time, however, the machine would not reboot.

Oh, it would tease me all right. It would start by showing me the Toshiba logo, before jumping to the dreaded blue screen that read: "Sorry, due to a change in your hardware or software the system could not start. You can choose to delete the latest information and use the one that was successful last time, or you can continue rebooting." (Or something to that extent.)

Then a list of every single way to boot followed, from Safe Mode, to Network, to Use Last, to Sacrifice a Chicken Now, etc.

I tried them all, to no avail. Trying to use the rescue disc did not work either. The Toshiba would not even acknowldege it. And in the meantime, the pixilated loop of computer death continued unfazed.

We have since acquired a new hard drive, but the machine insists on showing me the Loop of Death(TM). And I am running low on sacrificial chickens.* We suspect that it is the curse of the dratted fan, but it will take installing a new one to find out if this is right.

Or maybe the poor thing will only be good for recycling. Who knows.

In the meantime, we have gotten a sled for the old hard drive, and we were able to access it from ballistabob's computer. Hooray for information recovery!

Oh, and in my desperation to find the Toshiba rescue disk, I found the little Acer notebook's too. My poor little guy had given me the black screen of death months ago, and I had not been able to resucitate it. In that regard, I am happy to announce that Little White Acer is back into the world of the living, much to the rejoicing of everyone involved.

Hey, one resucitated computer out of two ain't bad.

I expect the Toshiba to go "Brainnnnzzz" any moment now ...

At any rate, that Sunday I ended up at the Mac Store in Tyson's Corner. According to my sweetie, it was only to "take a look." According to me, it was to "take the Mac plunge." I have been coveting a Mac for years and, darn it, if I was going to replace the Toshiba, might as well get my Mac.

At the end of the day, I found myself the proud owner of a base model iMac.

I love it.

Every time I look at it, I have to fight the urge to hold it and hug it, and ask it "Where have you been all my life, my darling?"

My only quandary at this point is a good web program that will not derail my budget. I am no sure if iWeb can give me what I want. I don't have the most sophisticated of websites, but I like to have some control over its design as opposed to just filling up a template whether it fits or not. This Sunday, I have an appointment at the Mac store so they can help me transfer the information from PC to Mac. And I have asked help on how best manage the sites that I have in the old hard drive, given that I have no intention to going back to a Windows based program.

Then again, maybe the ole iWeb might do what I want without much fuss, in which case some money will be saved. This might mean revamping all the sites, but I was planning on doing that anyway.

And in the meantime, we shall see if we can bring the Toshiba back to life.

That would be trés cool.

* NOTE: No chickens were harmed in the attempts at resucitating the Toshiba.
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