belfebe (belfebe) wrote,

Project Runway: The Final 3 (or 4)

Dear Emilio,

You are good designer, but not as good as you think you are. In fact, if your head got bigger, NASA would be launching rockets its direction. Last time we checked, it had already acquired its own zip code.

Of course, none of this matters as it appears that the judges have pretty much annointed you as the Winner Apparent(TM) of Project Runway. And listening to you say "I am humbled that I am going to Bryant Park," while at the same time saying that you have no competition, made me laugh so hard that I fell off the couch.

At any rate, I have to give you credit for something: I never thought that Project Runway would have anyone more annoying than last season's Irina, but it seems that they outdid themselves this time. (To Irina's credit, the line that she put together for Macy's was really cool.)

Anywhoo, I can't wait to see the finals of Project Runway and see who wins. I would love to see you bite the dust and wipe that arrogant smirk from your face, but I think that the judges will fall all over themselves to give you the win. Even if you wrap your models in a whole wheat tortilla and call them a High Fashion Burrito.

No love,

PS. I am rooting for Seth Aaron. Or Mila. Or Jay. Or Donald Duck. Just not you.

Anywhoo, boys and girls. Now that I got that out of my chest, who do you think that will make the cut for last spot for the final 3? Mila or Jay?

Poll #1551538 Proyect Runway Elimination 2 for last spot

Who do you think will get the 3rd spot for Bryant Park?

I don't know, but I predict that Emilio's Head will be featured in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade
Tags: humor, project runway, surveys

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