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Back to Life!

Ohhhh, it was great to go back to the gym this morning!

Yes, snow shoveling is a workout. I also did some yoga routines while cooped up at home during Snowmaggedon 2010. However, nothing beats an honest-to-God good thrashing at the gym. I feel like new!

Ymir was great, and it was really funny that those of us who traveled from the North decided that it was a good thing to go to get warm. Which is ironic since Ymir is traditionally one of the coldest events of the year. (I was soooo tempted to bring a beach ball with me!)

As most of you have read in LJ, Llwyd was elevated to the Order of the Pelican, as well as Adriana, and the fabulous Rhonwen got her writ for her own elevation at a future date. It was awesome. I got to speak for Llwyd as well as one of his four worthies, and I was thrilled to do so!

There were many other folks rightfully recognized, such as the faboo Aneira, with a Golden Dolphin, and Rosanella with an Opal. Plus Benjamin played his Free Scholar prize. It was great.

I also got to play at the tournament. There were a good number of fighters, but due to the lack of room we ended up with two huge lists for round robins in a very tiny space in the hall (it was impossible to fight rapier outside). The funniest thing is that most of the White Scarves ended up in our list (there were like 8 of us, I believe), while only two (Marcellus and Connor) ended up in the other list. It was great fighting, but I wish there have been more of it. Our list was going sloooooooowly and we didn't get a chance to fight everyone. However, given that we were lucky to fight at all due to the muddy and icy ground conditions, I should not complain too much.

And that's it for today. It hasn't started snowing, which means that I still have the chance to go outside. Yay!

I swear, at the first hint of spring, I will be dancing on the streets (but I do plan to keep my underpants on, just in case it gets cold).
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