belfebe (belfebe) wrote,

Ymir Pictures

Back from Ymir and, after spending some quality time sorting through pictures and editing as needed, I have finally uploaded them in two albums. This is more user-friendly than slogging through a gazillion pics in one album.

I have to say, shooting with very poor lighting was challenging, but all things considered I did manage some decent shots. I also experimented with panning (what with trying to make the best out of bad lighting), so there are a couple of freaky ones on the rapier section of album No.2. I liked them. They sort of give the illusion of movement.

Ymir: First Court, Candids, and Vigils

Benjamin's Free Scholar Prize, Candids, and Second Court including Elevations

One picture that didn't make it to the album, but I loved, is this one:

I was experimenting with settings in Manual, and Geoff happened to walk in front of the camera. The resulting image is very ghostly and kind of cool.

Anywhoo, I am now going to bed. Feel free to drop comments on the pics. I haven't tagged them yet.

Belfebe out.
Tags: events, photography

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