belfebe (belfebe) wrote,

I'm not dead yet . . .

Just very tired of shoveling and all the yada, yada, yada ...

On the bright side, I have finished ballistabob's garb for Ymir. I was hoping to have a new doublet (one that fits!) for myself, but no such luck. This is what happens when you decide to hand stitch the whole damned thing. It's a disease, I'm telling you. But at least my sweetie will look great.

No, I don't hand stitch everything I make, but once I get started, there's no stopping. In this case (Bob's garb), I went all gung-ho. It is just a simple wool doublet and breeches, but I decided to put together the whole thing the right way. No cheating. And by no cheating I mean no bag-lining, no stem stitching, and yes to flat lining, finishing and treating every single piece individually, and then putting them all together with a simple whip stitch. It also features a lacing strip, pockets, and the whole enchilada. It takes forever and a day, but it fits like a dream.

My only regret is that I didn't have any hand made trim for it, but the soutache I had looks pretty decent. I also wish I had had more of it.

But I will have a new falling band for my old doublet, and so will Bob and my trusty apprentice, geoffreyapclwyd. If I have time, my sweetie will also have wrist bands for his nifty new outfit. Yay!

And now I think I will call it a day. As Bob says, it took a storm of historic proportions to finally make me sore (shoveling for several days will do that to you, as many of you have found out).

I am tired. And I think I just spotted a penguin walking across the street.

Or maybe it is that the snow it's making me see things.

Belfebe out.
Tags: costuming, weather

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