belfebe (belfebe) wrote,

Snow Shovelling. The Workout of Champions.

Ahhhh, bliss...

Shovel, shovel, shovel. Never a workout felt sooooo good, and never an after-workout protein bar tasted better.

Before you certify my insanity (which is, indeed, certifiable), let me clarify that for the past two and a half weeks my fitness program has suffered. First because of travel, and then because I got sick. I did manage to sneak a workout here and there, but it's hard to do it when you're feeling like crap. This Thursday, I finally felt almost 100% well, and managed to make rapier practice. Yesterday, I was feeling great, and did my spinning class. Today, I was a bit depressed because I would not be able to make the gym, and was wondering what to do at home, since my sweetie insisted on doing all the shovelling himself. (We only own one shovel, what with it's companion giving up the ghost last year and us forgetting to buy a replacement).

Having said that, there is so much snow out there that he finally accepted my help and we decided to tag-team. He did the first 45 minutes, and then I followed suit. I kept on going until he tapped me on the shoulder and he said "Tag!" and re-took the job himself.

I am timing him, and will go outside again in a little bit. Rinse, repeat. There is plenty of snow to go around.

Of course, by tomorrow we may decide to stimulate the neighborhood's economy and hire some of the teens that have been posting to the neighborhood e-list offering their snow cleaning services. Thank goodness for enterprising teens.

But for today, we shovel.

And shovel.

And then shovel some more.

This is going to keep us busy for the entire weekend, and then some.

Sore muscles, here we come!

Belfebe out.
Tags: fitness, random, weather

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