belfebe (belfebe) wrote,

Seen and heard on a Wednesday afternoon

A massive cleanup and moving is happening on our floor. As a result, random furniture and assorted cabinetry has been invading our hallways. One such piece is a mucking huge filing cabinet. It is about 6 ft tall, 3 ft wide, and 2 ft deep, and it's blocking about half the hallway.

The colleague that occupies the office in front of mine and I walk out at the same time and stumble upon the monstrosity.

"Wow," he says. "Will you just look at that."

"Yeah," I say. "We could hide a body there."

"Or we could build a fort," he says.

"Dude," I say. "You are definitely a nicer person than me."

"Hmmmm ..." He says. "I think you may be right ..."

Funny how different people come up with different solutions for the same problem.

~ Belfebe out
Tags: humor, random

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