belfebe (belfebe) wrote,

Groundhog Day

Damn you Punxsutawney Phil! Why, oh why did you have to see your damned shadow! Don't you see that we are sick of this weather? Enough already!

Okay, repeat with me Ohmmmm...

I am imagining that it is spring, and that the cherries are blossoming.

Yeah, that will do it!

But it's still cold! And I'm freezing my butt!!!!!

Repeat with me Ohmmmmmmm

Hmmmm ... I think I'll go and sacrifice a chicken*. That'll make spring come faster. Yeah. I'll do that. Maybe if I add fries to it will work better. Or a nice healthy salad.


I am done with winter.

*Note: No chickens were harmed during the writing of this post. Any nice chicken sandwich will do as a chicken sacrifice anyway. Unless you're a vegan and in that case you can sacrifice a tomato.

Thank you.
Tags: humor, random, weather

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