belfebe (belfebe) wrote,

Randomosity on a Sunday

Good gravy!

I have been so exhausted this week that it isn't even funny. This is basically my first visit to LJ in days. Who knew?

My visit to Monterrey was great. Catching up with family and friends is always awesome. Even better, I got to see my friends, who are my Dark Child's godparents, for the first time in about 20 years. The best part? It was like time never elapsed. And they are coming over for the Cherry Blossom Festival in a couple of months. It will be fun.

And I also got to catch up with my buddies from Law school. That is always quite entertaining. It has become our yearly ritual and we enjoy it immensely.

The bad news is that my Mom's health continues deteriorating. This is one of those situations in which there is not much anyone can do. She's at stage IV of COPD, so she can live a week, a month, or a year. She's been living on borrowed time for years, but it is always stressful. At any rate, that's a bridge we will have to cross when we get there.

Flying back was not bad. I had heard horror stories with the new regulations resulting from the December 25 attempt. But other than going some extra steps, even that wasn't too bad. Thank God for small favors. At any rate, my plane arrived at midnight, and by the time I went to bed it was close to 2 a.m. When you have meetings scheduled first thing in the morning, jet lag and fatigue do not help. The fact that the week was crazy busy didn't help either. I haven't been this exhausted in a long, long time. And things don't promise to abate any time soon.

Saturday I got to get together with the faboo Flaithri, Rhonwen and Alina. It was a relaxing afternoon full of laughter. Then it was time for Indian food, where my sweetie decided to take me on a date.

Yum. Indian food.

Today I have been a slug. Brunch with the Dark Child, and fun planning time with Wulfwynn, our fearless new Chalice autocrat have been my activities for the day. And now I am done. You can stick a fork on me.

I am bailing out on the Barony meeting. Instead, I plan to put my feet up and have me a nice cup of tea.

This week promises to be as crazy as last week, and next week doesn't look good either.

I will get my rest where I find it.

Oh, yeah.

Belfebe out
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