belfebe (belfebe) wrote,

Healthy Eating?

Dear Melissa d'Arabian,

First of all, let me tell you that I love your show "Ten Dollar Meals" at the Food Network. You put together home cooked, easy to prepare, inexpensive food, which in these days of recession, is always a welcome sight. The idea of ten bucks = meals for four people, is a brilliant one. Plus, you are always very entertaining.

Oh, and your food looks delicious.

Having said that, marketing inexpensive home cooked meals is one thing. Saying that everything that you cook is healthy is another.

True, home cooked food made with fresh ingredients is generally better than random burger and fries purchased at a fast food joint any time. However, a dessert of bananas fried in butter and covered in sugar -- even if it is brown sugar -- hardly qualifies as healthy. Delicious? Yes. Cheap? Absolutely. The ideal thing to promote well being on a daily basis? Not so much.

So please guys at the Food Network, be careful what you describe as healthy meals. It only adds to the confusion regarding nutrition that is so prevalent out there.

Much love,

PS. I may give the fried bananas a try one of these days, as one of my once-a-week "cheat" meals. It looks and sounds really good. But do not expect me to serve it on a daily basis any time soon.
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