belfebe (belfebe) wrote,

Three Letters

And this is why people are awesome:


Dear Homeless Person who helped me get my car unstuck from the icy side street on my way to work:

You took pity on an idiot woman who thought that she could navigate the icy patch on 18th and E Street and got her little car stuck. Not only you were the first person to cross the street and help me dig out my car, but you got a piece of cloth out your small bundle and put it under my front wheels so I could have more traction.

You, who have nothing, shared with me what little you had so I could get out of my conundrum. You have taught me a lesson in human kindness. In the larger scheme of things, you are the better man, and I hope that you're ahead on the wheel of Karma.

God bless you.

A very humbled,



To the two random guys who got out of their cars in the middle of the traffic jam and helped me get my car unstuck:

You did not have to do that. I really, really appreciate it. If it weren't for you and the homeless guy, I don't know what I would have done. I will do my best to avoid icy side streets in the future so I don't put myself and other people in this predicament.

Much love,



To the guy in the white van who yelled at me on the icy side street right after I got my car unstuck:

Dear sir,

I would like to clarify that the street is indeed a two way street and not one as you pointed out. Furthermore, said street is plenty wide and had been properly plowed to allow for two way traffic, except for the snow banks on the side. Since I had just gotten stuck in one, I was doing my best to avoid them so I would not find myself in the same pickle again, and so I would not run the risk of running head on into your van. However, I cannot get mad at you for being frustrated. It was a freaky and scary situation. Fortunately, no people or vehicles were harmed, and all of us were able to go in our merry ways.

Wishing you a safe drive,

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