belfebe (belfebe) wrote,

Yesterday was a much better day than Friday. Things seem to be looking -- and cooking -- up. At any rate, I spent some time updating greta_k's webpage and it now sports a nifty SCA resume link. Yay me!

I also decided to go play with akgnome's page. It is only the seed of a page but the general look is rather nifty. I have currently done more stuff to it, but I have not updated it yet.

duchessrachel your entry on the Fallen From Grace webpbage is my next project. Stay tuned.

Last but not least, Sunday found me attending armored practice at the park. Progress is currently being made. I am still probably the worst heavy fighter in Atlantia, but I have discovered . . . yes . . . rattan smallsword and buckler. I think I like it. I can move, I can go all over the place and I have got a clue.

True, I have a mondo bruise in my left hiney, courtesy of Seamus (bad mollusk!). The good news is, he was ecstatic because he finally figured how to do a "butt wrap" shot. The bad news is, he learned that on me.


No biscuit for El Seamus, but ballistabob has decided to kiss it and make it better.

On second thought, perhaps the Seamus does deserve a biscuit after all.

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