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Dancing with the Stars Final Death Pool

Okay boys and girls,

Who do you think will win DWTS tonight?

So last night we watch the first part of the DWTS finale. There were chills! There were spills! There were orange sprayed skins and sequins and fringe! But best of all, I don't think that there is a clear winner here, which must be driving the Vegas oddmakers bananas.

Bring it on!

Kelly and Louis = Their first dance, an Argentine tango, was absolutely awesome and I think that the judges were on crack and robbed them in their scoring. What do you mean they deserve two 9's and an 8? Are you kidding me? Just for that, I decided then and there that all my votes were going to Kelly. Why? Because I can, that's why.

Their second dance (the group dance) sucked, but then again, so did everyone else. I don't know whose idea was to have them dance that horrid choreography, but it was painful to watch. So scratch that, I was still voting for Kelly.

The third dance, which is the freestyle that makes or breaks the dancers in the competition, was a rendition of "I will Survive." So yes, Kelly fell on her butt at one point, but she looked so awesome and she and Louis were having so much fun, that it didn't really matter. You could tell that they put their soul in that dance, and it rocked. Plus, if you are going to go down in flames, might as well be in an Elvis sparkly silver hooded cape. Just sayin'.

Mya and Dmitry = First dance: A paso doble. It was pretty and basically flawless. It was also the same paso doble that Mel-B did years ago and that everyone and their cousin has copied since. Even the outfit was pretty much the same. Lovely, yet unoriginal as heck. This is the finals people. This is where you come and show what you're made out of. This is not where you come to reprise someone else's routine. At any rate, it earned them three 10's, which goes to show how far mediocrity can take you. Yawn.

Second dance (group dance) = See the entry in Kelly's section.

Third dance (freestyle) = Pretty and perfect, yet forgettable. No 10's for them, but enough to give them an edge.

Donny and Kym = First dance: The Cha-cha-cha. It was pretty good and more original than Mya and Dmitri's, but not as good as Kelly's. They get a higher score than Kelly. Oh, well. At least they were not refrying somebody else's dance, and we got some hip action from Donny.

Second dance (group dance) = See the entry in Kelly's section.

Third (freestyle) dance = That was awesome. Donny and Kym really brought it. He reminded me of Michigan J. Frog, but in a good way. If he wins the trophy, it will be okay by me. He earned a vote from me. The rest went to Kelly.

Overall opinion = Evidently the judges were afraid that Mya might not win, and made sure to give her enough points to give her an edge. If this was just a dancing competition, Mya should win. Then again, if this was just a dancing competition, Joanna and Derek, and Aaron and Karina would probably be in the finals.

But this is not just a dancing competition. This is also a performance competition, and a who builds the biggest fan base competition. From that point of view, Kelly and Donny have already beat Joanna and Aaron's butts. They can also beat Mya.

I like Mya. I like her a lot, as a matter of fact. Under other circumstances I would be rooting for her. However, what I saw last night was someone who decided to play it extra-safe, knowing that from a technical point of view the other two didn't have anything on her. Hence, didn't seem to have put much effort. The other two on the other hand, gave it their all.

And people love an underdog.

And we have two of those at this point.

So what do you think the outcome will be boys and girls? Will the best dancer win? Or will the underdogs yank that rug from under her feet?

Don't miss the next episode of Dancing with the Stars: The Finale.


And just because I can, here's the Season Finale's last Death Pool! Check the box and come back later to see if you got it right!

Poll #1489908 Final Death Poll DWTS

Who do you think will win Dancing with the Stars?

Mya and Dmitry
Donny and Kym
Kelly and Louis
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