belfebe (belfebe) wrote,

Next Iron Chef

Is anyone following The Next Iron Chef? If so, am I the only one who thinks that the judges are on crack?

I still don't know why Chef Metha is still there. Even worse, I believe that he may have been the preordained winner. Either that, or they have kept him because he makes good tv. Last week, the judges had nothing good to say about his cooking, and praised Chef Freitag. Yet, the one who was sent home was Freitag.

Last night, the whole point of the elimination contest was to tell a story with his food. The other two chefs did a bang up job with the theme, told a story and served good food. Metha? All he had to say was "I am a happy person and I love to make people happy." Not only I don't think that this is a story, but for some reason the man has come accross as petty if not a right down bastard.

So much for a happy person. Unless your idea of happy is to be a d*ck to everyone else.

To makes things worse, the judges said that his food was consistently too sweet, and that this has been an issue all season. And his idea of fulfilling the theme was to load his presentation with more flowers than Michael Jackson's funeral. Colorful, but hardly close to the topic.

Yet, Chef Mullen was sent packing and not him.

Not cool.

Oh, well. Like I said posted somewhere, if Top Chef Masters was the Olympics of cooking, The Next Iron Chef is the WWE. And while I love watching the WWE on the trainwreck entertainement value, I am not sure about TNIC.

But a trainwreck is a trainwreck, and I suspect that I will watch it to its bitter end.

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