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Friday Ramblings

Ohhh, the soul is strong but the flesh is weak. I am physically here, but my mind is at the beach.

Hmmmmm ... beach ...

At any rate, six weeks ago I underwent some corrective surgery. Nothing life-threatening, just something to do with good ole' follow-up reconstruction. Pardon our dust.

Suffice to say that I had been postponing this for quite a while, mainly because I was afraid of what this would do to my fitness plan, and of how long I would have to stay away from the gym and the rapier field. The fact that my doc said that it would take for me what sounded like a very long time to even pick up a sword, really freaked me out.

But since there is never a good time to do these things, and since the window of opportunity presented itself, I went ahead with the thing anyway and hoped for the best.

Alas, by week No. 2, I was back at the gym doing non-impact stuff. Mainly legs.

By week No. 3, I was already preparing a plan and testing the waters with Courtney, my personal trainer.

Week No. 4 saw me back in spinning class and starting carefully planned upper body workouts --and really hitting the legs and abs. Still, no rapier.

By week No. 5 we started working out the chest muscles, with no discomfort. I also gave rapier practice a try again. Besides doing blade drills with Alric and Domynik, I managed to get a couple of bouts in there. Yay me!

This week I have returned in earnest. For the first time, I had a fully loaded upper body workout, besides the legs and abs routines. And also for the first time, I managed a full rapier practice, with no discomfort whatsoever.

Courtney, who besides being a personal trainer is a certified rehab physical therapist, says that she calls it "prehab." It means that if you were in good shape in the first place before going into surgery, the recovery is remarkably shorter than it would have otherwise been.

All I have to say is that I am thrilled beyond words. I was wondering if I would really be able to go back to fencing by Holiday Faire. I needed not to fear. It might take a little bit of extra practice due to the weeks I missed, but I will physically be okay. Plus, other than having to still be careful with high impact cardio, I am back in full force at the gym.

Let's hear it for prehab.

I am loving it.
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