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DWTS Tuesday Post

So okay, I had no time to post a DWTS Death Pool yesterday. Too much work, too little time.

To make it up to you, I shall regale you with a picture of an open shirted, sparkly capped Mikey Rourke, who showed up to root for his pal Chuck Lidell (the Iceman).

But no worries, The Iceman lived to dance another day. On the other hand, Kathy Ireland was eliminated.

I must say that I had predicted Kathy's elimination last week. Instead, Macy Gray was sent home (much to everyone's relief). But I got it right this time. Yay me!

Surprisingly, Maks and Debi were in the bottom two, but not Tom DeLay. Apparently he's more popular than Debi Mazar. Who would have thunk?

As for Kelly, she is much beloved and the voters helped her navigate the DWTS elimination waters safely. I do hope that her nerves will not get the best of her. She's adorable and has great potential. I am not sure that she'd win the competition, not with Aaron, and Mya, and Mark out there. But I'd love to see how far she can go. Go Kelly, Go!

At any rate, this is all I've got for you today. Work is kicking my butt as usual, but hopefully the Death Pool will make an appearance again next week.

Belfebe out.


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Oct. 2nd, 2009 11:34 pm (UTC)
I hope Kelly and her nerves find an appropriate balance because I enjoy watching her dance.
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